The Benedictine community at Kylemore is looking ahead to a new future for monastic life in this beautiful place.


Kylemore Abbey in County Galway, has been a Benedictine Monastery since 1920 and remains so today. The Abbey, which was once a romantic castle belonging to a wealthy family, was built in the 19th Century by Mitchell Henry. The nuns ran an international boarding school and established a day school for local girls; the school closed in June 2010. In 2012, the Benedictine community launched a development plan to preserve the beauty and tranquility of the place, and to welcome visitors for recreation, education, and renewal.


The development of Kylemore Abbey is being planned to support and strengthen the Benedictine Community with its monastic and charitable activities, where guests and visitors coming for short visits or for times of retreat can be awakened to a profound awareness of the natural beauty, tranquility and spirituality of the place.  To invite all visitors into a space offering encouragement in their search for peace of soul and purpose for their lives.


Your gift will help the Benedictine Nuns who have called Kylemore home since the 1920’s make the changes needed to keep Kylemore Abbey a place of worship and spirituality. We are currently raising funds to build the nuns a purpose built monastery. You can also acknowledge your Irish heritage and the land of your forebears by making a gift in the memory of a loved one. Please go to the Help US tab for more information.

We are thankful to those who contribute, by doing so you enrich the important and historic link between America and Ireland.

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