Building of the monastery to start October, 2019

The Benedictine Community and the Kylemore Trust has been granted planning permission for the new monastery. The new 2 and 3 story monastery building will be located near the existing community church and other structures on the lake. The nuns have been at Kylemore since 1920 and have never had a purpose built monastery.
Kylemore Abbey is a protected structure. All environmental, construction and ecological mitigation measures set out in the Ecological Impact Assessment and Natural Impact Statement must be implemented. Construction will start sometime this year.

The total cost of only monastery currently being built in Ireland is 7 million euros with 6 million euros already raised in Ireland. In the US, we are raising $500,000 for the interior rooms and seven monastery gardens. Currently $461,000 has been raised.

Please donate by going to the Donation Tab. If you are interested in a family memorial please contact Mary Reed

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